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Andalusian PRE Horses in the Hoofbeats Program!

We are pleased to announce the addition of several Andalusian horses in our program.

The Andalusian is one of the oldest breeds originating in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) dating back more than 20,000 years verified by cave drawings. 


This noble, intelligent horse possesses a generous heart and has  uniquely smooth gaits that attribute to its ease of handling.  Scroll to meet our amazing stallions below.


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GORRION Imported 18H PRE Stallion Standing at Stud

Homozygous Black and Homozygous ND-1

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Available via A.I. Fresh cooled or Frozen

Recycled Paper


18H Imported Black Stallion

with Rare ND-1 Gene

Gorrion is gifted with many attributes, including his impressive size at 18H, excellent conformation and the athletic potential to excel.  He has a kind and generous spirit, is very people oriented, and doesn't exhibit stallion behavior or require a stud chain.

He has been genetically tested as homozygous black and possesses the rare ND-1 color genes.


His classic heritage is filled with the who's who of the top Spanish famed dressage breeders - Escalera,  Bohorquez,  Guardiola,  Bariain,  Miura,  Lazo, Boloix, Urquijo and YM.

Gorrion is a proven producer of several outstanding quality foals exhibiting his ground covering movement, balanced proportions and excellent bone structure along with a gentle demeanor.


He is standing at stud to a limited book in 2021.  Contact us for breeding information.

If you are looking for a breeding stallion that will impart ample size, bone substance, correct proportions and a wonderful temperament, you have found him.


UCO, Imported Grey PRE Stallion Standing at Stud

Speckled Background


Pure Carthusian Bocado

Imported from Spain

16H Grey Stallion

We are delighted to announce that UCO is standing at Hoofbeats for the 2020-2021 breeding season.

He was imported from Spain and is owned by Rancho Armendariz of Temecula, CA.

UCO descends from the rare bloodlines of the Carthusian Monks, who protected and carefully preserved the purest of bloodlines of Andalusian horses for almost 300 yrs.


He is pure Carthusian, or Cartujano. There are less than 1,000 in the world. Very few breeders remain that preserve this bloodline today. 

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to breed this remarkable, talented stallion to our mares. :limited bookings available to approved P.R.E. Mares only. 

Templar  Offspring

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Templar M, PRE Stallion Standing at Stud

Recycled Paper


2005 Bay Stallion

Standing at Stud



Grandson  of Indiano XVIII and

Imaginario, US Nat'l Champion

Grandson of Genil, Champion of Spain.

​Fresh Cooled, A.I.

Templar is a metallic bay, with a shimmery glow to his coat with a 3 dimensional luminescence in the sunlight.  He was born the color of honey, and in winter months he turns dark mahogany bay.

In addition to his rare color, he carries a high degree of Cartujano blood and is considered closed Bocado line, which is revealed in his beautiful baroque build. Templar has a well set arched neck and wide chest, strong and straight short back, an excellent croup and a very low tail set.

Templar has produced numerous outstanding offspring, and has crossed well with AQHA and Paint to produce champion Aztecas. He also has purebred foals, Iberian WB and a gorgeous Friesian cross, called a Warlander. He repeatedly demonstrates his ability to pass on his athletic prowess and fantastic temperament.


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